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Simultaneously Syncs and Charges Up to 32 Mobile Devices

For today’s battery-intensive mobile devices, a standard USB hub is not sufficient for charging. Our unit - 32-Port USB Charging Station with Syncing allows you to sync and charge up to 32 tablets, phones, or other mobile devices—all at the same time! Up to 5V, 2.4A (12 Watts) of charging power is provided to each port, making it an ideal charging solution for even the most power hungry devices like the iPad. In addition to charging, you can sync your devices using file management software, such as Apple iTunes or Apple Configurator. A firmware upgrade port is provided for future software upgrades.

* Syncing and/or charging multiple tablets, smartphones or other personal electronic device
* Fast-charging multiple battery-intensive devices

Supports USB 2.0
The unit supports USB 2.0 hardware with data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. The unit also works with the older USB 1.1 standard.

Charges Devices Quickly
The unit’s maximum charger output of 2.4 amps per USB port provides fast charging time to tablets and other battery-intensive personal electronic devices. The unit’s charging function can be performed without needing to connect to a computer.

Stands Up to Repeated Wear and Tear
The unit is designed with a 2U-sized housing that can be configured for various professional, educational or personal installations. Made from heavy-duty steel, the unit is built to withstand years of intensive use.

Installs Easily and Effortlessly
The unit can be mounted with any 2- or 4-post rack with an available 2U of space or placed on any flat surface. Mounting hardware and four rubber feet are included for easy mounting or placement.

TAA-Compliant and Backed by a 2-Year Warranty
The unit comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS specifications, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Us ?
We are a leading manufacturer of products to power, protect, manage, house, cool, connect and mount your equipment. From the largest data center to the smallest home office, our products keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently. Whether you need to supply power to servers and have reliable battery backup, connect high-resolution video sources to displays and digital signs, or organize and secure IT equipment in rack enclosure cabinets, we have the complete solution. Plus, before and after your purchase, our Chicago-based, in-house technical support specialists are available to assist you by phone, email and live chat. With over 90 years of quality products and service.

Technical Maximum charge output of 2.4A per USB port Supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps Syncs any USB device using its compatible software Mounts in 2U of EIA-standard 19 in. rack 2-year limited warranty

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