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Item Condition: New
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New : The item is completely brand new box pack.
Grade A : The item box is open for a photo session or verification purpose by airport customs.Item is completely unused and in perfect working condition.
Grade B : The item may be packed in universal box and not in original box. Item is unused and in perfect working condition.
Grade C : The item may come in original box or universal box. Item powers on and it is untested for working and may come with some visible dent, scratch, breakage.
Grade D : The item is a customer return or damaged in transit. It does not power on. Useful if you can repair it on your own or you wish to use the spare parts.
Note : No item will be eligible for return on the basis of “item condition not known” after this clarification.
Product description Apple iPad Mini with WiFi + AT&T 4G 16GB Space Gray - MF442LL/A
Technical Touchscreen display with a resolution of Processor iOS - Apple Operating System 5.0 MP Camera 16GB of internal storage Includes New OEM A/C Adapter & Data Cable

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