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Item Condition: Grade B
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New : The item is completely brand new box pack.
Grade A : The item box is open for a photo session or verification purpose by airport customs.Item is completely unused and in perfect working condition.
Grade B : The item may be packed in universal box and not in original box. Item is unused and in perfect working condition.
Grade C : The item may come in original box or universal box. Item powers on and it is untested for working and may come with some visible dent, scratch, breakage.
Grade D : The item is a customer return or damaged in transit. It does not power on. Useful if you can repair it on your own or you wish to use the spare parts.
Note : No item will be eligible for return on the basis of “item condition not known” after this clarification.
Product description Color Name:Red One Touch Control Panel For Single Or Double Shot Options Of Espresso, Cappuccino Or Latte.Automatic Milk Frother Is Absolutely Effortless For Frothing Up Milk In Creamy Cappuccinos And Lattes.Removable Milk Reservoir Fills, Cleans And Stores Easily.Adjustable Cup Tray Can Be Set At Just The Right Height For Dainty Demitasse Cups To Big Travel Mugs.Removable Water Reservoir Fills Easily At The Sink And Hold Enough Water To Brew Shot After Shot
Technical One Touch Control Panel for single or double shot options of espresso, cappuccino or latte Automatic Milk Frother is absolutely effortless for frothing up milk in creamy cappuccinos and lattes Removable Milk Reservoir fills, cleans and stores easily Adjustable Cup Tray can be set at just the right height for dainty demitasse cups to big travel mugs Removable Water Reservoir fills easily at the sink and hold enough water to brew shot after shot

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